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  • 100% Brand new ShengShou Magic Cube
  • Compact and portable handheld design
  • Activate your imagination and creativity
  • Improve your memory and hand flexibility
  • Perfect for testing your mental skills and challenging your patience
  • Rotate the magic cube with your friends and enjoy the happiness
  • It is a traditional educational toy for kids and adults
  • For kids, it can develop their brain and logic thinking ability
  • For adults, it can release their pressure after work


  • Brand: ShengShou
  • Layer: Abnormity
  • Model Number: ShengShou Pyramid 4x4x4 
  • Color: Black, White
  • Material: ABS
  • Sticker Material: Professional Cube Sticker
  • Product Dimensions: 102 mm (side length)
  • Product Weight: about 106g


.Brand new Classroom Mirror S 3x3x3 Brushed Silver Stickered Magic Cube

.Brushed sticker - Brushed stickers with black background make the cube classy. Moreover, streaks on the stickers will help you solving the cube, gives extra fun. Also, you can choose Silver or Gold color stickers depend on your preference.

.3x3 speedcube mechanism - The Speed Mirror S uses 3x3 speedcube mechanism which make the turning more compliant and more comfortable than other twisted puzzles. It is probably the first twisted puzzle (non-WCA) with such a great turning feel and high performance.

.Anti-pop feet - Anti-pop design on edge pieces perfectly eliminates the pop problem. 

.Big hole design - Big hole design on corners, edges and inside structure gives the cube high corner-cutting and make it smoother, and also reduces most of the lockup when turning the cube.

.Great for gift and collection


.Brand: CuberSpeed  Cubing Classroom

.Color: Brushed Silver

.Size: 56.5*56.5*56.5 mm

.Weight: 108g



Display stand for magic cube

Triangle base, lightweight and stable

Material: ABS

Top triangle side length: 3.4cm

Color: Random (Black or white)


Package included: 

1 x Display stand for magic cube



.Brand New Shengshou 2x2x2 Megaminx Magic Cube

.Shengshou new design 2x2x2 megaminx cube

.New structure, super performance

.Fast and smooth turning

.Great for gift and speedcubing


.Brand: Shengshou

.Color: Black

.Length of Side: 32 mm

.Weight: 140g



~ megaminx stickers magic cube speed cube

~ Adopting reliable ABS, it is non-toxic and lightweight

~ Internal use more release slot, the maximum to prevent sticking diarrhea, to ensure the smoothness and good feel cube

~ The interface is smooth and each corner has a chamfer

~ For kids, it can develop their brain and logic thinking ability

~ For adults, it can release their pressure after work

~ Great for speedcubing and collection


* Body Color: Black

* Material: ABS

* Stickers: 12-Color Stickers

* Side Length: 4cm

* Product Weight: 350g

* Package Size: 11.3*10.8*10.2cm

* Package Weight: 428g

* Packing: Colorful Box

  • The Shengshou 5x5 Megaminx,Out of the box, it has amazing corner cutting and smooth turning.Tension adjustable and difficult to pop. This cube turns amazing, great for any Megaminx solver who doesn't want to spend a long period of time either solving the cube or mixing it up,and has a very cool looking mechanism.
  • No one falls out of love with this cube. Absolutely a great puzzle cube for your cube collection.Take it home now!
  • Solving puzzles and brain teasers are important activities to teach kids to work hard at solving complex problems and foster your kid's sense of space and enhance a child's memory.Whether you're trying to stretch your brain capacity or spending some leisure time with your loved ones, this would be a great gift for your kids.



         Color: Black

         Edge-Length : 41mm

         Material: ABS

         Weight: About 453g



Package Details

Weight: 21.40 g 
Size: 3.4*3.4*3.4 cm 



.Brand new Shengshou 2x2 Mastermorphix Stickerless Magic Cube

.Very good-looking appearance

.Smooth and fast turning

.Great for gift and collection


.Brand: Shengshou

.Color: Stickerless

.Length of Side: 75 mm

.Weight: 71g



.Colour: Black

.Brand: Shengshou

.Model: Shengshou 4x4x4

.Size: 6.0x6.0x6.0cm

.Weight :163g




1.Brand HQdeal Magic Cube.

2.Suitable for both kids and adults.

3.Great gift and collector item for puzzle lover.



  • cube Type: 5-layer
  • Surface Module Shape: Square
  • Surface Shape: Square
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: ( 2.44 x 2.44 x 2.44 )" / ( 6.2 x 6.2 x 6.2 )cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 6.49 oz / 184 g





.Brand: ShengShou

.Color: Available in Black.Level: 6x6x6

.Size: 68*68*68mm

.Package Dimensions:70*70*70mm

.Package Weight:245g





100% Brand New and High Quality

Material: ABS Plastic

Size: 73*73*73mm 

Quantity : 1 PC

Package Included: 1x magic cube with its 



  • Condition: Brand New and High Quality
  • Material: ABS Plastic 
  • Size: 3.0cm ( the edge Length )


Surface Color: Golden black / Silver black

Net Weight: 71g

Size: 57x57x57mm



Quality of the plastic bandaged magic cube is outstanding, sturdy and reliable for long time enjoying
Rotate the mirror magic cube with your friends and enjoy the happiness
The bandaged magic cube is really a good job to test your patience and memory



Brand new ShengShou Pyraminx, Megaminx, Snake Puzzle Cube Magic Cube .
Made of durable and environmentally friendly ABS plastic material.
Light weight and great hand feeling design.
Twist the Speed Puzzle Cube Magic Cube smoothly.
Excellent performance for competition or entertainment.
Small dynamic and static friction coefficient ensures safe and smooth rotation.
Use Traditional educational way to develop kid’s logical relationship and thinking.
The puzzle cube magic cube is fit for all above aged 3 years old people and professional players.


Product discription: 

Brand Name:Shengshou
Item Name:2x2 Pyraminx
side size: 10cm
color: Black
material: ABS
Stickers: PVC
condition: 100% Brand New
packing: paper box


Product include:
1x Shengshou 2x2 Pyraminx
1x manual



Good quality and great fun to play in the party with friends and family member.

The classical toy to practice your hands and brain.

This product can be used for game practice.

Funny toys for children and adult.

This 7x7x7 magic cube is easy and smooth to rotate

Fully functional, Spring Structured for fast turn, Tension Adjusable

Made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic

Quicker rotating speed and a better feel

Exercises your memory and hands-on skills


.Color: Black

.Brand: Shengshou

.Model: Shengshou 7x7x7

.Size: 78mmx78mmx78mm




  • Brand newBlackShengShou Legend 8 Axis Dino Skewb Magic Cube
  • Made of high-quality ABS material that is eco-friendly, non-toxic and durable to use
  • Thick injection molding makes it abrasion proof and stout, not easy to fall apart
  • Smooth rotation and dynamic balance bring you comfortable hand feeling
  • Anti-stick groove design with adjustable spring supports persistent smooth and comfortable hand feeling
  • Activate your imagination and creativity; improve your memory and hand flexibility
  • Perfect for testing your mental skills and challenging your patience
  • Rotate the magic cube with your friends and enjoy the happiness
  • A good choice as a stress releasing helpers for waiting, thinking, quitting bad habits, etc


  • Base Colour: Black
  • Material: ABS
  • Product Dimensions: 58*58*58cm
  • Product Weight: 97g
  • Package Dimensions: 62*62*62cm
  • Package Weight: 105g